Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eco Alpaca is here!
This is Baby Alpaca, all natural, no dyes and it is so wonderful! You have to touch it! You have to feel it! You have to knit something that can be touched at all times, so I decided to knit some mittens and cabled headband. Well, they were on display for one day.......needless to say, someone else wanted to touch it and bought the set!!

Denise Needles are in!
Whenever my sisters and I get together, which means having to fly, we always ask each other, "Did you bring Denise with you?" and we reply, " Of course!" We then proceed to shop all of the yarn stores in the area, bring back our treasures to whatever house we're visiting, and proceed to knit and talk for hours and hours and all we needed was Denise for whichever project we decide to do that day.
Denise is a pack of 10 sized needles, sizes 5 to 15, and they can be straight or circular. They are so easy to knit with and put together and I cannot imagine my knitting life without them. They will definitely be in my suitcase when I go to the Fiber Festival in NC in 2 weeks!
They are a bit pricey, but buying 10 needles comes out to far more than you would pay for Denise! They are also made in Virginia and I think are the best needle sets on the market!!!!!

Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Halloween!!!

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