Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beach Blues

Please join us for Knit Night (Nov. 26) Monday from 5-7pm at the Coffee Mill. Enjoy snacks, yarn give aways, & a coupon for your next knitting project!

So.....I went to the beach for Thanksgiving with my family and knitted these adorable felted elf shoes for my two year old nephew. (They knit up with one skein of lopi and some scrap yarn for the cuff). the vein of all two year olds....he WON'T wear them!! All that knitting for nothing!:)

Baby Kimono

Here is a UVA colored baby kimono I just finished for some friends who are having a baby. I am going to add an orange ribbon for the tie and try not to write something in the card about them getting beat by Virginia Tech yesterday!

Little Elf

Here is my cute two year old nephew that won't wear my elf shoes!!! Doesn't he look like a little elf? :)